The following key challenges were identified during the discovery sessions with HopperBee team.

  • To improve the user-friendliness of the vending machines.

  • Incorporate a real-time stock monitoring feature.

  • Ability to remotely manage the vending machines. (On / Off, Software updates, etc)

  • To make the vending machines visually more attractive.


O2Labs delivered a hardware DIS (Design, Integration & Support) solution to HopperBee. The following are some highlights of the solution:

  • The complete front panel of the Vending Machine has been replaced with a full-sized transparent LCD Screen + Touchscreen.

  • This LCD Screen + Touch screen was powered with a powerful Single Board Computer (SBC).

  • A native application was developed to run on the SBC for user interaction.

  • Another provision was made in the software to play digital content like - images/videos on the LCD display when no one is using the machine.


This machine received great traction, upon its installation. A few results achieved, include:

  • The solution designed solved several problems in one go. Provision to run dynamic images / videos on the LCD screen made the machine both visually stunning and attractive to the users.

  • And almost everyone is familiar with touch interfaces these days. So, interacting with the machine to place an order, to make a payment became extremely easy.

  • A real-time inventory management was achieved; Real-time analytics was built to support the backend team.

  • Remote machine management has been developed.