Ripple Media collaborated with O2Labs’s team of engineers; we found out that there were several dedicated teams working at Ripple Media; One for updating the ads to all their 250+ screens using USB drives, a second team to do daily, weekly inspections on ads running, and a technical team to support on the hardware side.

Also, the core requirement was to break free from the burden of manual labor and the time-consuming tasks at hand. On the whole, it was a logistics nightmare. Some of the challenges are as below.

  • To eliminate the manual process of ad updates through USB drives.

  • To eliminate periodic manual inspection of the ads on their screens.

  • Build a platform to help remotely manage the displays across different geographical locations.

  • Provide a solution to facilitate the remote management of the displays. (On/Off, Software updates etc.)

  • An application that provides detailed analytics including ‘Proof of Play’ in any advertisement.

  • Design a flexible solution to support the rapidly scalable nature of their business.


  • We designed, developed & delivered a centralised content distribution platform. The dashboard was built with key features - Content creation, Scheduling & Broadcasting.

  • A media player application was developed, this would be installed on a Single Board Computer that powers the displays across different locations.

  • Integrated a remote power scheduler application to power On and Off their displays.

  • Real-time health monitoring and custom push notification alerts were incorporated.


  • Upon implementation of the solution, Ripple Media has seen a significant reduction of costs on labour, increased efficiency and increase in flexibility to manage all the displays.

  • Today with our dynamic solution, Ripple Media have moved from fixed duration ad slots like per week, per month model to more dynamic ad plans.

  • Real-time statistics were provided for the data like - Ad play minutes, Ad play time of the day, Total broadcast reports etc.

  • All the displays were remotely monitored/managed. (On/Off, Software updates etc)