V3Fashions approached O2Labs for a solution to address this business challenge. The following were the main challenges identified.

  • To eliminate the traditional & elaborate process of printing marketing & branding materials, and distributing them to the stores.

  • To eliminate the manual effort of monitoring the stores to see if they abide by the store guidelines.

  • Provide a solution to facilitate remote management of both content and digital displays.

  • To support live-streaming in order to stream certain events organised by V3Fashions.


  • Delivered our in-house signage solution O2Signage, with necessary custom modification as per the needs of the client.

  • Built a platform with core components of Content Designer, Scheduler & Analytics.

  • Powered all the displays with O2Signage Media Player.

  • Built a Real-time monitoring system with custom alerts for advanced troubleshooting.


  • With the implementation of this solution, V3Fashions was able to broadcast their branding related videos, images etc directly to their stores.

  • They were able to broadcast seasonal promotions, deals etc. to the displays located in all their stores. Over a course of time V3Fashions saw a significant increase in sales.

  • The time & resources needed for printing, distributing of physical banners were saved.